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Sugawa's "SAXTIPS"

Famed Japanese Saxophonist, Nobuya Sugawa, has recently released some educational videos on YouTube called, "SAXTIPS." In each video he briefly teaches a topic through explanation, demonstration, and then play along exercises. Unfortunately for the English speakers, the videos are in Japanese; but the website says "English translation is underway!" However regardless of language, there is still a lot of interesting tips and techniques in them. Check them out!

Chapter 1 Section 1: Vibrato

Chapter 1 Section 2: Vibrato Training

Chapter 1 Section 3: High Notes (Excluding Altissimo)

Chapter 1 Section 4: Low Notes

Chapter 1 Section 5: Let's Master Altissimo!

Chapter 1 Section6: Altissimo Training

Chapter 1 Section 7: Altissimo Training - Overtones

Chapter 1 Section 8: Altissimo Training - Intervals


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